Small business, big design.

A spark, a flame, a fire specialises in creating bespoke creative graphic design for small businesses who know just how important a solid visual identity, logo, packaging, or piece of marketing is. My clients are looking for something unique to them, that doesn't follow fashion or trends or particular styles, but speaks to and engages their audience through professional graphic design. From small pieces to a full service, There's flexibilty to suit budgets and projects of all sizes.

I started A Spark A flame A fire to fulfil a promise I made to myself when I first started out. What promise? That I'd help small business create design to match their ambition. Professional looking design shouldn't be a luxury that big business can afford, it should be universal. Conversely, I know that cheap design can damage potential customers impressions of a business, So I try to educate on the importance of investment in solid design, It's a valuable asset after all.

So why do I work with small and micro indie business? I've worked on graphic design projects for a fair few small businesses over the years and some bigger names too. Ranging from Branding and logo design, App and Social Media Design to bespoke packaging and tissue paper design. I've come to learn that small, passionate businesses are far and away the best and most rewarding clients. They're often more exciting too. When I help them, I see the results and I know it has a profound effect on their business and, in turn, their lives. I know all about the difficulties of being an independent business owner, after all I am one. Your heart and soul goes into making it a success and often visual design gets overlooked. It sometimes feels as though the consensus is that a small business shouldn't be able to have a great logo, website, business card or Brochure. But I've seen the affect that a good design can have. It can inspire not only trust from your clients but confidence in yourself. It helps a business find it's true identity and proudly show it to the world.