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A spark, a flame, a fire. Comprehensive Graphic design for small and micro businesses.
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a spark,

There's a unique spark at the heart of your small business that's the starting point for every piece of graphic design we'll ever create together.  The trick is to find it; that one unique thing that will make your next design project shine.  

a flame,

From the spark, comes the flame; learning all about your business and identifying the unique visual design language that will represent its values and ambitions. Everything we learn together is forged into a graphic style that's key to design that communicates and engages with your audience.

a fire...

The core values and messages are embedded into all your visual design. Your website, your print materials, your social media; all of your visual communication burns brightly, together, fuelling your brand's success. Whether you're here for a flier, brochure, website, a full visual identity or anything between, we'll work closely together to create unique, effective graphic design that elevates, inspires and illuminates your brand.

"Andy has done all the graphic design for my small jewellery making business. He had an extraordinary ability to "get inside" what it was about the images / colours / shapes / wording that would represent it perfectly. He listened, discussed, thought and engaged his amazing imagination. His work is meticulous, very well priced and the turnaround impressively swift."

Pat Naish
Irisia Jewellery
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"Commissioning Andy to create my brand visual identity was one of the best investments I've made in my business. He made me really define what I wanted my brand to be and created a fantastic logo... which I am proud to use. I highly recommend his work."

Charis Jones
Sculpted Steel
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The initial meetings with Andy proved invaluable in the creation of my new logo. To discuss the full range of the services that I offer and then let Andy use his expert knowledge of design to provide a stunning unique logo, was excellent. We discussed future proofing of the logo to be compatible with web pages and other digital media, meaning that I have a logo that can adapt with changes in my company over the long term. I would recommend Andy to any of my friends and colleagues looking to deliver any kind of new design deliverables.

Paul Kealey
Vanguard Projects & Consulting
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How can I help you?

Creating visual brand identities for small business is at the core of A spark A flame A fire's process, working closely with small and micro businesses to create a visual brand language is where it all begins for many of my clients. We go on a journey of discovery together, learning what it is that makes a business unique and leveraging that knowledge to create logos and design systems that become the basis of everything we create together in the future. All projects are individually tailored to suit your needs and budget, so you get the things you need.

While forming just one part of your overall visual identity, I feel logo design needs its own little section here. After all it's the signature you add to your product which will come to signify all the things your business has to offer. When I design logos, I don't use the latest trends to inform my designs. Instead I use your spark as the guide to the outcome. All of the best logos you see have that in common, they are timeless. In my designs I aim to capture your unique identity and create a design that's ownable and has longevity. That means you won't be needing to change it any time soon.

Using the latest web design teqniques, and my experience in creating UI designs for the likes of Microsoft Studios and Yale Security, I can work together with you to create engaging interactive experiences that work as part of your visual identity. By being able to integrate web design and development directly into my identity creation process, I can ensure that the visual aspects of your branding are carried seamlessly online.

Carrying your brand identity consistently into the digital world and engaging with your customers is more important than ever. I build bespoke, tailored websites that meet your needs. I don't use templates for your design, unless you specifically want one, because I feel that your business is unique, so your website should be too.

Print design for clients is something I love. There is something about the tangible format of a brochure, flier or business card that gives print a certain edge over digital media. No matter what stage of the visual brand process you might find yourself at, I will take the time and effort to understand your goals for a project and the fundamental values behind your business. Every piece of print design is, I believe, as important as the next. So whether we are starting from scratch with your brand, or you need something special that uses what you already have in place, I'm able to help. I help you find the best solution for your project, helping choose format, paper stock and special finishes to make your design stand out.